"I've worked out off and on for years but, because I'm not a fitness expert, I was never sure if I was exercising correctly or getting the most benefit for my efforts. As a result, I'd become frustrated or bored. That all changed when I started working out with Cal.

As a result of my time in Private Fitness Studio, I'm now in the best shape of my life. I feel great and look younger & better than I ever have before. Working with Cal was the push that I needed to keep on a program to meet my fitness goals. I couldn't be happier or more proud of what I've achieved!"
— Trevor, a grateful client


"Where do I even begin? To say how blessed I am to have been given the opportunity to change once and for all my total weight loss challenge would be an understatement!

Hi, I'm Evie, I am 44 years old and when I first met Cal I was 40 pounds overweight. I started to work out with Cal on July 1st, 2008.


This was completely foreign to me as I have had no exercise, nutrition instruction in my life. Never lifting weights or knowing what or how to even begin. I was the heaviest I have ever been in my life. I honestly thought I had no hope of ever losing the weight.


Three weeks into my training I felt frustrated, I wanted results NOW!! I just thought "this wont work for me" HA!! Cal weighed me when I was on my third week and I had already dropped 4 pounds!! I was in disbelief! I had told Cal early on that one of my goals was to wear a certain dress by Christmas. I actually met my goal....but by THANKSGIVING!! I had lost 30 pounds!!!!! And I wore that dress!! I was so incredibly excited and pumped up!


Cal makes it so easy! I am now 137 pounds and I feel AWESOME! I am so grateful that Cal has given me this amazing opportunity to once again like myself!!

It's truly the best feeling, going to his studio, always feeling welcomed and all of his clients are such great people. I feel like it's a big family. I believe there is no place anywhere like A Private Fitness Studio!!

I could have never gotten this far with out Cal's support, instruction, encouragement & education. It's a complete life change! I've become an addict of working out....ONCE A COUCH POTATO......NOW A CARDIO QUEEN!!!!


THANK YOU seems so insignificant compared to what Cal has given and continues to give me and the rest of his clients and my friends at the studio.

Cal you are the BEST!!! Thank you & GOD BLESS you ALWAYS!!!"
— Evie, an extremely appreciative client


"I'm no stranger to a workout. Back in the day I was in pretty good shape. I even "thought" I knew what I was doing. I worked out 5-6 days a week, 1-2 hours per day but I was always exhausted.


When my wife became pregnant I began to visit the gym less and less. Then I started a new job which kept me away from the gym even more. Before I knew it, I was in the worst shape of my life. And I dreaded the idea of going back to the gym. It was such an exhaustive effort working out 6 days a week. With kids and work, who has time for that? I knew I couldn't devote as much time to the gym so why bother.


My wife signed me up for two months with Cal as a gift and I'm so glad she did. With Cal I have seen results faster than I thought possible. Cal continues to consistently push me beyond my own percieved limits and I have found strength in knowing that I am capable of more than I imagined. I look forward to my personalized sessions with Cal and have complete trust in his methods and routines. Two months was only the beginning. "
— Jon, an exceptionally satisfied client


"I was very overweight, loved every unhealthy, fat ridden food known to man and have Type 11 diabetes. I've joined gyms, worked out with various friends, bought every piece of fitness equipment sold on tv and, of course, yo-yo dieted my whole life. I gave up.


Then one day, I saw an ad for Private Fitness Studio. I found the courage and called the number. I told Cal I just wanted to be able to move again. Not only did he get me moving with consistent cardio, weight training and stretching, but also he kept me coming back.


He also introduced me to a personal chef service that prepares healthy great tasting meals that meet the guidelines set by my doctor.


I am losing weight and getting stronger. My blood sugar levels are normal, my blood pressure is normal and my doctor is thrilled with the results. Cal saved my life. It's not melodramatic. It's the truth."
— Valerie, a thankful client

No Gym Memberships   |   No Contracts   |   No Pressure

When you think about it, your health and your appearance are most important for a happy & fulfilling life. If you don't look or feel your best, our friendly and knowledgeable staff can help you get on your way.

Located in Santa Clarita, Private Fitness Studio offers private or group fitness instruction in your home or in our private studio - with customized programs designed to fit your particular level, needs or challenges.

A Private Fitness Studio prides itself on offering easy-to-understand and non-intimidating guidance in a beautiful and motivational setting. All ages and fitness levels are always welcome.

A Private Fitness Studio is conveniently located at 24502 1/4 Lyons Ave. in the Valencia Plaza (just off the I-5 freeway), Santa Clarita. Click Here for a map and directions to our location or call us at (661) 645-9988 for directions.